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4:14 PM 1/14/2002

Yogyakarta Trip ~ Our Diary



Our Indonesia Trip last from 23rd June 2001 to 22nd July 2001. From the initial apprehension of going to the final tremendous fun, this diary traced our diary activities and feelings in Yogyakarta. We hope u have enjoy reading it as much as we did enjoy ourselves there. 

As the diary was only given to us on the 4th day of our stay, so it is quite a pity that the preliminary hesitation, worries etc, of the first three days were not recorded now. These few days were important to the fact that we were meeting our adopted parents for the very first time and the whole groups were separated on the very first day we arrived to stay with our adopted parents. But, don't worry because the rest of the diary is going to be just as interesting. Selamat Menikmati Membaca!



26th June 2001 

9th July 2001

27th June 2001

10th July 2001

28th June 2001

11th July 2001

29th June 2001

12th July 2001

30th June 2001

13th July 2001

1st July 2001

14th July 2001

2nd July 2001

15th July 2001

3rd July 2001

16th July 2001

4th July 2001

17th July 2001

5th July 2001

18th July 2001

6th July 2001

19th July 2001

7th July 2001

20th July 2001

8th July 2001

21st July 2001

22nd July 2001