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Scene 3


              Arrival music.  Village headman enters.  All retreat in respect


           Village headman: What is going on here? Ah! Pak Lawan and Ibu Usil!  That explains!

          Pak Lawan and Ibu Usil:  Pak Kurang Bijak! It’s him/her who......


           Village Headman: Yes, yes.  I am not here to settle your dispute.  I am here instead to announce a piece of news.  As we all know very well, good harvests have been enjoyed by all this year, thanks to our goddess, Dewi Kumala (All started praying).  Therefore, the village community has decided to hold a thanksgiving ceremony to give thanks to our great goddess.  The highlight of this ceremony is a competition where participants have to present cultural performances.


Pak Lawan: What will I get when I win?


Ibu Usil: Ah masa! You mean when I win? 


Village Headman: (Clears throat loudly) The winner of the competition will get land and also the chance to perform in front of the Raja himself!  Who knows, if you please him enough, he might even give you a title or two!


Pak Lawan: Finally, I can get to meet the Raja face to face and the land…..


                Ibu Usil: Eh, eh, eh!  You really think you are going to win?  What are you going to present for the competition? Monkeys plucking coconuts?


Pak Lawan: And you think you can win by scattering your corn seeds?


Villag                     Village headman:  Berhenti!  Why don’t the two of you bekerja bersama? Then you can share the prize with each other?


  (Pak Lawan and Ibu Usil  stares at each other in disgust and looks away immediately)


Ibu Usil: Cooperate with him? Never! 


Pak Lawan: The ‘distance’ between us is too great anyway! Hahaha!


(Village headman shakes head, exits.)


Ibu Usil: I can no longer stand the sight of this man!  My dear daughter, are you going home with me now?  (Daughter whispers something to her).  


                    Pak Lawan: I cannot tahun this woman anymore!  No wonder her husband is the first one to mati in this village because of noise pollution….. I am going to our coconut plantations now, mau ikut, my son?


Mas Trisno: Pak, I would like to stay for a little while more.


Ibu Usil: (To daughter) So you still want to jalan-jalan?


Ibu Usil and Pak Lawan: Jangan come home too late! 


(Stares at each other in contempt and exit in opposite directions)  


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