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Scene 13

Morning crows of a cock.  From left side of the theatre, two villagers walk down the steps


Villager 1: Have you heard what happened last night? 


              Villager 2: No! What happened? I heard far-off cries but I did not dare to come out of my house.  What exactly was going on?  


(The Villagers starting at each side of the audiences started rapping the events that happened the previous night)



              (Meanwhile, it was made known by the gossipers among the villagers that the lovers will not be able to elope successfully. The main reason being Mbak Bunga only know how to jalan-jalan and do not even know how to tie her batik properly without the help from her pembantu. Therefore, a Batik-wearing competition was held with audience participation to show everybody the art of batik-wearing.)





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