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Scene 15


(After the fairies have all gather on the stage)

 Dewi: Listen!  Right from the beginning, from your great-great-great-grandfathers’ time to now, everything is just a misunderstanding.  You will know more after I am gone.  As for the lovers, let them be together.  Otherwise, I would always be disturbed by their screaming below!  Let me show you how unity is strength now and how we can achieve ~ Unity in Diversity!







(At the end of the dance, Pak Lawan and Ibu Usil finally buried their anger at each other once Dewi Kumala cleared up the roots of their misunderstanding. And Mas Bambang was also forgiven for causing the fire. The two lovers could be together finally.)


                               Curtain pull down

                                                      Curtain pull up again. Re-introducing the casts





~End of the show~