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Scene 2


Entrance of Ibu Usil

Ibu Usil: Selamat Malam! Nama saya Susilawati Sukartino.  You can call me Ibu Usil.  But don’t misunderstand ya?  Aku tidak suka usil!  (Pointing at one of the members of audience) Ah!  Nakal,ya! You must not keep winking at Aku!  But, I like you……you have hair the colour of the lovely corn in my corn fields!   Ah!  This is daughter Aku, namanya Bungawati Sukartino. (Music starts.  Demure daughter suddenly seems to transform into a confident model who sashays around the stage.  Follow-sport on her).  She is 18 years old, 1.7cm tall, 45 kg.  Her hobbies are jalan-jalan,jalan-jalan and jalan-jalan.   Her vital statistics are …. To be kept a secret. She is perfect…just like her Ibu! (Both pose). 

Entrance of Pak Lawan.


Pak Lawan: Hahaha! You are perfect?  Of course! Perfectly thick-skinned, perfectly brainless, and having the perfect….height!


Ibu Usil: (Sneers) And I thought who it is…it’s just a walking coconut tree who is in more danger than any of us to get hit by lightning!



Pak Lawan: U keep quiet!  How dare you insult me? Don’t you know siapa owes the largest coconut plantations in this land?  Aku! Siapa will make villagers weak by just staring at them? (Turns around to stare at them and the villagers stumble) Aku!  Siapa has the finest son in this land? Aku !  Son, show them what you are made of! 


  (Just like Mbak Bunga, Mas Trisno robotically smiles and goes down the stage to throw roses at the audience.  A group of girls came running out hysterically and have to be restrained and brought backstage by guards) 


Pak Lawan: Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is my son, Mas Gus Turut Trisno who has followed the footsteps of his great Bapak, Pak Tinggihati Sukamelawan, or simply, Pak Lawan!


Ibu Usil: A family of cheats!


Pak Lawan: Rubbish!  Ever since your ancestor tried to cheat mine, I have always known that you and your family are underhanded creatures, capable of anything just to win!


Ibu Usil: What?!


(Guards from both sides tense visibly and step forward)


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