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Scene 4


(The lovers come together, looking troubled)


Mbak Bunga: Oh, sayang! Things are getting so much worse! What should we do?


                      Mas Trisno: I am at a loss too, saying!  Please don’t look so sad, manis!  There is nothing we can do.  If only our great-great-great-grandfather had not met that night…..


(Spotlight on upstage right.  Mime.  Two chess players in a game.  One onlooker.  One player indicates he wants to go to toilet, left.  The onlooker accidentally changes the position of the pawns while the remaining player is distracted.  The one who goes toilet comes back.  Before long,, he flies into a rage when he thinks that his opponent has cheated.. Subsequently, table is pushed over, both players leave in great fury.  Passer-by left alone and says: What have I done? )


Lovers turn from this direction and sigh together.

Communicates through a song. 

Entrance of Mas Bambang, their mutual friend.


M                      Mas Bambang: Hey! Mengapa sedih? You can tell me, Mas Bambang, the guru!  It must be because of your orang tua right? Aiyah!  Don’t think too much!  Seperti saya! Always happy, that’s why I am always popular with gadis-gadis!



(Whistles at a girl passing by but was slapped)


M                      Mas Bambang: Gila..I was whistling at the bird, not at her!  Anyway, I was saying you two should cheer up, must di sini senang, di sana senang!


Music starts.  Song “Di sini senang, di sana senang”.


Mas Bambang: Hey! You two better go now! I see your parents’ men coming! Cepat!


(Lovers part reluctantly.  Light fades)


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