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Scene 8

Lights come on with ½ intensity.  Shows Ibu Usil on a couch.


               Ibu Usil: (Sighs) Bagaimana, ya?  I must find a way to win that coconut tree! My performance must be something special, something different…(Sighs) Aku wants to sleep now…..

Voiceover: Ibu Susilwati Sukartino!


Ibu Usil:  Who is that? Who calls me by my full name?


Voiceover: I am your great-great-great-grandfather!


Ibu Usil: (Gasps) Ancestor!  What do you want to tell me ancestor?


Voiceover: I want to show you what you can perform for the competition.


Ibu Usil: What is that, ancestor?


Voiceover: Dengarlah! (A single drumbeat)


Ibu Usil: I know I am hungry but I don’t know my stomach can groan so loudly!


Voiceover: No! Listen again! (Guitar strings)


Ibu Usil: What is that?


Voiceover: Something that the spirits of the future show it to me once….Watch


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