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The following are the photos taken during this memorable trip...

Please click on the thumbnails to see the actual size photo.

Weekend Tour 1 (Beaches and Traditional Javanese Wedding
Group photo at Pantai KukupPosing in front of the kamar kecilSurrounded by the hungry-looking dogs at our lunch time
Watching the fishes at the market near Pantai KrakalHaving a refreshing coconut drink at Pantai Krakal Group photo at Pantai Baron
Another group photo at Pantai BaronWalking from the groom's house to the bride's house in the desa

Weekend 2 (Making Batik)
The batik teacher at workDisplaying our masterpieces after the whole morning of batik lesson

Candi Pramanan
Candi PramananTaking a photo together with ShaniceThe beautiful sunset against the backdrop of the temple
A group photo for the girls

Taking a photo with the Bapak who taught us the menajur skills

Borobudor and Gunung Merapi
Group photo at the ancient temple of BorobudorPredeparture lesson about Gunung MerapiWithstanding the cold together while waiting for sunrise at Gunung Merapi

Working on our projects
Taking a photo with the andong and the tukang andong after a ride from Jalan Malioboro back to Sanata DharmaLui and I interviewing the shopkeepers of the tokojamu

On campus (Universitas Sanata Dharma
Having our lesson on membacaTaking a photo with Mbak VivinLinda, See See and Lui in one of the classrooms...
Lui's artistic presentation of the two casts of an infamous story...;-)Mas Yoyok having lessonsHmmm, a bunch of hardworking students?
In the loungeIn the lounge (part 2)Taking photo during our breaktime!
Taking a photo together in front of the staff officePosing in front of Sanata DharmaA time to test our culinary skills - Success or Disaster?
Inside the schoolbus

Host family
The adorable grandchild of my hostTaking a photo together with Nana

Visiting each other
Having a fun time in Lui's roomHaving a singing session at Sean's house with the boarding house students

Venturing out
Shopping for Kerbaya at the famous Pasar BeringharjoTrying out a new restaurant for our lunchHaving a delicious feast at Ibu Fanny's apartment!
In front of a cafe - Our night venture out with the Guru guru and teman temanSee how light Lynn is...Treating our tutors to a midday meal

At tutor's room
Visiting Linda's kamar kos towards the end of our trip in YogyakartaA bright and sunny photo taken just in front of the door to Linda's room

Closing Ceremony
Three of us taking a photo with Linda just before the closing ceremonyOur gamelan performanceOur dance performance
Group photo with the Guru guruBidding farewell towards the end of the ceremonyIndonesia's version of Charlie's Angel?

Leaving Yogyakarta
A photo with our tutor Linda at the Yogyakarta AirportSean, Lynn and Roger at the airportWaiting for our transit flight at Jakarta Airport
Returning to Singapore with more than double of what we brought to Yogyakarta!