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Scene 14


Curtains open to show that all are bustling around to prepare for the festival.


                             Village headman: (to members of rap) Hey! Get back here and help prepare for the festival!  Only know how to gossip! 


Entrance of Pak Lawan and Ibu Usil


                    Pak Lawan: It is all because of that wicked witch that I am not able to perform tonight.  There is not enough time for me to repair the damages.


             Ibu Usil: You! Itís all because of you that all my angklung is destroyed.  All because of you that I cannot meet the Raja in person!


             Pak Lawan: Itís you whoÖ.


             Voiceover: DIAM!!!!


Dry ice at the top of stairs of theatre, follow-spot on Goddess. 


             Village headman: Itís the great goddess, Dewi Kumala! (All on stage bow and pray to her)


            Dewi: Quarrel! Quarrel! Why should I make your corn and coconut fields have good harvests if all you ever do is to fight and disturb me up there?  Look at your followers!  So tired!  And your own children!  Can you stop them from yelling up at heaven? I am very busy you know!  I still have many places to visit after this!  But since I am hereÖ.Fairies, from all over the land, descend!  Do your repairs!  


(Start of Fashion Show. The fairies wore traditional costumes which represented different ethnic cultures in Indonesia.)






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