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Scene 11


(Pak Lawan rushes in with his men, all panting heavily.) 


Pak Lawan: (to men, panting) See, one hundred kilometers in half an hour is easy!


Ibu Usil: How dare you step into my territory just like that?


                      Pak Lawan: (Sneers) Shameless woman! Send your men to creep into my place to destroy my materials for the competition!


                  Ibu Usil:  What? Hahaha!  It must be divine retribution then!  Blame no one but yourself coconut!  Isnít it just too bad that I wonít be seeing you for the competition?  Tidak apa-apa! I will send you a postcard from the Rajaís palace!


                    Pak Lawan: You have finally admitted, you evil woman!  Tonight I will let you have a taste of your own obat! Men, do it !


(Pak Lawanís men carry off the instruments)


Ibu Usil: Apa itu?  Men, men! Stop them!



(A fight ensues between both sides that takes place all around the theatre.  In the

confusion, the lovers huddled together to protect each other. This sight is taken in by

their respective parents)


Ibu Usil: Take your hands off my daughter, you coconut junior!


Pak Lawan: Donít touch my son! You seed of the corn!


Mas Trisno: (Unable to stand it anymore) STOP!


(Everyone stops to stare at him for a moment of total silence.)


                      Mas Trisno: Please, please stop fighting! Why canít we live in harmony? Why canít we live in peace? Look carefully at the people you are fighting against.  Canít you see they can be very nice and adorable too?


(Everyone stares at each other in dramatic pause.  Resumes fighting)


            Ibu Usil: Whole load of rubbish! (To daughter) You must be gila to get involved with his son! Bring her into the house immediately! I will deal with her later.


             Mbak Bunga: Ibu! Please! We are truly in love! Please let us be together!


              Mas Trisno: Yes, Pak!  We are in love with each other!


             Pak Lawan: In love? You are in trouble!  Guards, separate them!


              Ibu Usil: Get my daughter over here!


 (Lovers separated forcefully, exit.  Rest of the men came limping back to stage)


             Pak Lawan: I will stop here tonight but I will not let the matter rest!


            Ibu Usil: You better watch out for yourself!


             Pak Lawan: Letís go!


(Both sides exit in with obvious signs that both sides have suffered casualties. Curtains are drawn slowly)


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