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Scene 12


Spotlight on Mas Trisno


                     Mas Trisno: I am a prisoner here!  After Bapak knows of my love for Mbak Bunga, he has forbidden me to step out of my room. I am tired of these walls, tired of being trapped, tired of being bound by some stupid family feud that was started by some men so long ago! (Pauses. Sighs deeply)


              Mas Trisno and Mbak Bunga: I wonder how my sayang is now.


Spotlight on Mbak Bunga.


                       Mbak Bunga: I want so much to see him.  Oh, why? Why must we be separated because of some meaningless quarrels of our ancestors? Why must the living continue the conflicts that the dead had left behind?  Can there really be no reconciliation? How long must we fight each other for? 


                  Together: Oh, Dewi Kumala! (Praying)


Mbak Bunga: Tolong! Help us!


Mas Trisno: Hear us!


Together: Listen to our prayers…..


Stage divided into halves by washes.  Song “Kasih Tak Sampai” comes on.

Each goes back to respective spotlights at end of song. Fades off.


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